Landscaping projects are complex creatures that require qualified professionals to conduct on time, within budget, and on par with lofty expectations. Simply put, choosing the right landscape contractor can make the difference between bitter disappointment and a lifelong investment that will have the neighbors whispering with envy.

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Aside from the obvious visual and functional perks, quality landscaping can increase the value of your most valuable asset – your home. According to a recent Gallop Poll, landscaping will add 7-15% to the value of your home. On average, this signifies 100% to 200% return on landscaping investments!

Not All Contractors Are Created Equal

Regardless of what some contractors in , Mn will have consumers believe, there is a distinct difference between makeshift companies and seasoned landscaping operations. The landscaping industry has one of the highest company turnover rates in the nation when compared with other small businesses. The reason? For every first rate landscaping contractor, there exists numerous “shovel and a truck” companies, which are unlicensed, uninsured, and unable to make good on warranties due to the short life of the company.

Preparation is Key – Top Landscape Companies in Minnesota

Before the search for a contractor can even begin, you must identify specific job details, how much you are willing to spend, and when you want the job completed. By outlining the needs versus the wants for your landscape, you will greatly aid any contractors in preparing an accurate bid for your project.

Ask lots of questions! When meeting with potential contractors, utilize their expertise when considering design and construction options. Remember, in your quest for a beautified yard, you and your contractor are a team and need to be on the same page. Often times, contractors are able to supplement your own design ideas with improvements for impact and budget considerations.

If some of your ideas have been taken from magazines or other gardens then try to have pictures on hand. Take as many measurements as you can and work out a realistic timescale for completion of the project.

The Selection Process for Top Landscape Companies

Qualifications and Experience

The very first question a homeowner should ask a potential contractor is for proof of insurance and a license to perform landscaping work. Most states currently regulate the landscaping industry and require contractors to have insurance. Uninsured contractors can often charge far lower prices than their counterparts, but pose a huge liability risk to your property and your home.

A huge temptation for many homeowners is to select the lowest priced bid in order to get a great deal on a landscaping project. While it may be possible to secure a quality contractor at one of the lower bid prices, many times, the lower bids represent inexperienced or uninsured companies.

Remember that your landscaping project is an investment and spending a few extra bucks up front for a reputable company may save you thousands of dollars and a large headache down the road.

Portfolio – Top Landscape Companies  Minnesota

One of the best telltale signs of a contractor’s expertise is a solid portfolio of satisfied customers. Most companies compile before and after photographs of previous work. Ask to see pictures and for a list of references. It can never hurt to speak with former customers and find out exactly how their experience unfolded.

Background Information

It is definitely important to find out background information on each company you are considering. Find out how long the company has been in business, where they are headquartered, and how large the company is.


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